Elin Willows
240 sider

Udgivelsesdato: 20/02/2020

Format: Hæftet/paperback

Sprog: Engelsk/English

Originalsprog: Svensk

Oversætter: Duncan J. Lewis

A young woman from Stockholm relocates to her boyfriend’s home town, a small village in the far north of Sweden. The relationship has ended by the time she arrives.

Inlands is a story about loss and change and examines the tangible mechanics of everyday life, the mentality of a small community and the relationship between freedom and loneliness.

No one moves here. This becomes clear long before I pack up the car with all my things, to move here. It leads to countless explanations as to why I’m leaving the city to move more than a thousand kilometres away. Love, that’s the simplest explanation. But it still seems odd that I’m moving. That’s what everyone thinks.

163 kr.

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